The clinic was inaugurated January 2016 and could be put in operation.

Since then several Afghan-German doctors and one from Sweden took the chance of supporting the local doctors of Dewanbegi-Clinic with their knowledge and experience on-site, to provide advice and teach them. Not only regarding to specialist competences but also in the fields of administration, organization and economy knowledge is conveyed.

According to still existing problems it´s no yet possible to work cost-covering with the patient fees, but tendency shows a monthly improvement of this situation.

Of course, there still a lot to do and the maintenance and amendment of quality is still depending on support and donations.

We´re always in contact with interested doctors, predominantly in Germany, to plan their commitment and participation in the clinic. But the realization of the planned missions depends on the state of security in Afghanistan. If you´re closer interested, please contact our society to evaluate the current state and see if there it´s feasible.

In order to inform you more in detail and as up-to-date as possible, some of the latest articles and reports about the work and the developments regarding to the clinic are attached.

Dewanbegi Clinic as a well-equipped center offers good, quality and standard services to the people against low price.

  • Dewanbegi Clinic offers healthcare services to the people in the following sectors:
  • General Internal Diseases Department
  • Pediatric Internal Diseases Department
  • Gynecological and Obstetric Care Department
  • Dental Care Department
  • Ultrasound Department
  • Well-equipped Laboratory
  • Dental X-ray and ECG
  • Pharmacy